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"O-Shot" Offered in Columbus as Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

COLUMBUS (Ken Hines) -- Women experiencing a loss of sexual sensation may be able to find a solution by visiting a central Ohio doctor -- as long as they're willing to reach into their wallets.

Dr. Eric Fete at Artemis in Columbus is offering women a treatment he calls the O-Shot, which supporters claim can improve symptoms of female sexual dysfunction by making orgasms more powerful.

Lavonda Massey is one of those supporters, claiming the shot returned to her the sexual satisfaction that menopause took away.

"The joke in our family for many years has been my mother and stepfather, at their advanced
ages, had sex more than I did. Now that's not true," Massey said.

The treatment utilizes a patient's blood, and can also help with dryness and urinary incontinence, according to Dr. Fete.

"We take the blood out of our patients and we process it in a centrifuge. And what that does [is] separates out the other blood components from the platelet-rich plasma," Fete said. "Then we take that fluid, which is the patients own fluid, and we inject it back into their bodies."

Artemis nurse Brenda Scaggs said the O-Shot can provide relief for women of all ages -- as long as they're willing to seek help.

"It's a hard thing for women to talk about. We see women of all ages come through here," Scaggs said. " The average age is 35-65. However, I've done as young as 21, and as old as 82."

The treatment isn't cheap -- each shot costs $1200 -- but it is effective, according to Dr. Fete, who claims the success rate of the O-Shot is between 80 and 100 percent.

"It's been around for a long time, and further advances are being made every day. We have time and results on our side," Fete said. "As with everything, yeah it's not a cure-all, a fix all. It can't cure or fix everything -- Nothing can. But our results, and other physicians' results, have been very, very good."

Massey can be counted among those convinced of the effectiveness of the treatment. She credits the shot with introducing a new spark to her relationship with her husband after 20 years of marriage.

"It's brought back a lot of spontaneity to my sex life that I didn't have before," she said. "It always had to be planned out."

Artemis also offers a treatment for men -- called the Priapus Shot -- that their doctors claim provides male patients with "dramatic" improvements to their sex lives.
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