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Workers Braving the Frigid Temperatures

COLUMBUS (Ben Garbarek) -- Some people have little choice but to brave the cold temperatures.  Many people are stuck working outside.

Valets often spend hours standing out in the cold.

"Honestly, it's pretty miserable," said valet Mason Wagner.  "Somebody's got to do it and it still pays the bills so I can't complain."

He's hoping his pain could also be his gain.

"You definitely get the sympathy tips every now and then," he said.  "People definitely tell you too.  They say, 'it's cold out here, I'm glad you're doing this so I don't have to walk in the cold, so here's a few extra (bucks).' It all works out."

Firefighters aren't getting tips, but they're still working outside.  More of them are being called out to each scene. 

"We're worried about the safety of our firefighters and the public as well," said Battalion Chief Mike Dorsey of the Truro Township Fire Department.  "We call in extra manpower, rotate them in, get them warm and get them back to work."

A non-profit group called Box 15 brings an ambulance to the scene of fires filled with coffee and hot chocolate to help crews warm up.

"We don't get to determine what kind of weather we're going to be in," Dorsey said.  "We just have to adapt to it."

Box 15 usually only goes out to major fires, but with the current low temps it's going out to every call for a house fire.

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