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Are you being affected by the government spending cuts known as "Sequestration?"


Comment: Not sure if the cut I'm affected by is from State or Federal Gov't. But I am affected. I got a call from my daughter Emily's school last week. They said a law passed stating charter schools are no longer getting funding for kids starting kindergarten early, that they can't accept early enrollment anymore. They told me next month Emily has to take a test to see if she qualifies for early enrollment to 1st grade it's called the Iowa test. This isn't fair, she didn't do anything wrong. She has worked hard this entire school year which is almost over. If she doesn't pass this test she has to start kindergarten all over again. She's not going to understand why she has to do all this work all over again. She didn't do anything wrong. And the school is offering no help. They don't know what's on the test, they have no resources or anyone to refer me to. How am I supposed to help her? And these govt tests are difficult. Not sure if she'll pass. If she doesn't it's going to be devastating for our family. Thanks. from Columbus Ohio by Mary

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