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Coffee Break Poll Results

Are you in favor of changes to America's gun control laws?

28.33% Yes
71.66% No

Comment: No body should have guns unless their job require it. Like police officer or armor truck drivers and arm securty guard. from hilliard,ohio by Alex

Comment: No, its my God given right and constitutional right to protect myself at all times from people who would do me harm whither they be individuals or tyranny from the state. The police are never there when you need them. from columbus, oh by George

Comment: 20,000+ laws on the books now and we still have nutcases killing people. I think its time to leave the guns alone and look at our education system. A little teaching of morals would go a long way! from Salesville, Ohio by Randy

Comment: Aurora has strict gun laws. If they allowed citizens to C&C this tragedy could have very well been averted.Possibly might have never happened. The guy knew he was walking into a gun free zone. Government will never take guns out of the hands of criminals. Strict gun laws only make law abiding citizens sitting ducks. from columbus by Jayna

Comment: The shooting in Aurora Colorado is a tragety but we only have to look to the past to see what happens when you disarm a society. Washington DC. was the murder capitol of the US. for how long? When the handgun ban was abolished the crime rate dropped significatly before anyone could even go buy a gun. The ban of handgun ownership in United Kingdom caused rape to increase 400% and murders by 1000%. Even in Ohio with the enacting of concealed carry legislation the crime rate has dropped. In the 1980's gang kids in Los Angeles would carry screwdrivers to kill their victims. Did anyone call for a ban on screwdrivers? It does not matter how many laws are passed, the criminals will not obey them. from Circleville, Ohio by Jim

Comment: Had there been armed citizens in the theater, the shooter would be dead and many less innocent people. from Lancaster, OH by Tim

Comment: The guns don't get up on their own and go kill someone or multiple people. People kill people and solving that problem will solve so many. The world is cruel to people and some people get to a breaking point and lose it. from New Albany/Ohio by Lee

Comment: I know criminals can get guns, but it seems that more regular types of people are snapping, and buying assault weapons to wipe out as many people as possible. Something must be done! from OH by Pamela

Comment: People that want to hurt others can always find a way. One nut case should not dictate the rights of millions of responsible gun owners from Grove City, OH by Walt

Comment: Blaming the firearms for this murderers actions would be similar to thinking that if there are any misspelled words in this writing that it is the keyboards fault. You call it gun control, I call it trigger control. from Polaris by Bee

Comment: We need to be able to protect ourselves. from Columbus, OH

Comment: support 2nd Amendment from London, Ohio by Mark

Comment: Enforce the current laws. Laws don't prevent bad behavior. Just look at the current Drug laws and how they fail. from Columbus, Ohio by John

Comment: Criminals do not obey gun laws anyway.. It only hurts the law abiding citizens who are responsible and purchase guns to protect themselves from Columbus, Ohio by NOne of

Comment: Just because you change the law, doesn't mean people aren't going to be able to get a gun if they really want one. And it won't change how many people kill other people with said guns. Why punish the people who follow the law by adding stricter laws? Have harsher penalities for those who do break the law. Maybe then we will see a change. from Columbus, OH by Beth

Comment: We have laws that work. The only issue is that we don't enforce what's on the books. Many people like Jared Laughner (the shooter in the Gabrielle Giffords indecent) shouldn't have been allowed to own a gun, yet was able to. Enforce what we have. Don't make new laws that'd hurt the tens of millions of legal, safe, and responsible gun owners. from Circleville, OH by Ben

Comment: There is no reason to sell assault rifles, PERIOD!!!!! from Columbus, Ohio by Susan

Comment: It is our right to carry a gun , period. You take that right away we will never be able to protect and defend ourselves. from Rockbridge, Ohio by Lori

Comment: No I am not in favor of trying to make the laws more strict. All it would do is make it harder for law abiding citizen to purchase/own a firearm for self defense. The lawless do not care about laws... just look at Chicago and their wonderful statistics with firearm involved crimes. from columbus/OH by Edward

Comment: Every law-abiding citizen, no matter which state he/she belongs to, deserves the right to carry a concealed weapon in any state. from Columbus, OH by Chase

Comment: This country is in turmoil, we need to be able to protect our homes and our families. I will keep my guns in my home for protection and for hunting purposes. The guns are not the problem it is the unstable people who use them that should not have them. from UTICA by KIM

Comment: Changes need to be made but it will never happen. NRA is powerful and scares the hell out of our congressional reps. from Canal Winchester by Mary

Comment: Take a look at Chicago and see how that gun control is working for the blowhard city. from Grove City OH by Ron

Comment: Unless you can change the mindset of criminals, changing the laws won't make a difference. Criminals will ALWAYS find guns to use in their crimes. from Columbus, OH by Carla

Comment: Nope, the UK has the strictest laws of any nation on earth and it didn't prevent the Crumbria shootings in 2010. Now explain to me how one man in the US with $30,000 worth of equipment , and a farmer in the UK with a $75 shotgun and a $150 22 caliber rifle can kill the same number of people? Answer - Evil Intent. If someone has evil intent, they will do what they want, and there's not too much to stop them. It doesn't take much research to find out that shooting sprees happen all over the world. In countries with lax laws, in countries with extraordinarily strict laws. I would like to point out the city of Chicago as a example. Over the course of just ONE weekend in July, over 14 people were killed and dozens injured. They have by far the strictest firearm laws in the entire country. If gun control laws would prevent murders, wouldn't Chicago have a very low rate per capita? from Circleville Ohio by Brandon

Comment: Criminals do not pay attention to laws...hence they are criminals.. from columbus/ohio by Doug

Comment: No changes. If a crazy is going to try to take out a massive amount of people, he will find a way guns or no guns. After all, even bombs can be made from fertilizer! I would just as well be armed against them myself from Canal Winchester by April

Comment: Criminals do not obey gun laws or any other law they feel like violating. Removing firearms from law abiding citizens would only give criminals the ability to further victimize the innocent. from Columbus, OH by Christopher

Comment: gun laws dont matter to criminals by casey

Comment: Since when has illegalizing anything stopped the criminals? I FULLY SUPPORT OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! from Blacklick Estates, OH by Jennifer

Comment: too many guns are getting the wrong hands, do more background on the person buying them from Newark,Ohio by Jaunice

Comment: Do you really think making stricter gun control laws is going to stop criminals from finding a gun and shooting you? NO. They're criminals. They'll do what they please, because they don't obey the law. from Lancaster, OH by Kelsie

Comment: The question should really be worded differently. I am ASSUMING you mean, "Am I in favor of changes leading to "more restrictive" gun laws?" The answer is unequivocally NO. Disarming law abiding citizens is only making it easier for criminals to target them. I support change to lessen restrictive gun laws and enable people to protect themselves and their families. Situations like Aurora could have been neutralized and the casualties much lower if someone in the theatre had been armed, trained, and ready to eliminate the threat. from Canal Winchester, OH by Jennifer

Comment: thelaws that are the books now would work if the politician and the people would allow them to be enforced. when adding more laws to the books it will add confusion to law enforcement and to the public. adding more laws will also add loop holes for criminals. from delaware[ohio by john

Comment: absolutely, especally weapons like machine guns and AkA's 47. from Galloway Ohio by Theresa

Comment: There is no need to allow private citizens to own or carry "assualt weapons ". from Lexington, Ohio by Joseph

Comment: the courts need to enforce the laws on the books now.adding more laws does not improve anything just makes more loopholes for bad guys to slip thru. from washington c h-ohio by andy

Comment: Leave them alone! by donald

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