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Woman Dead, Man Hospitalized in Suspected Murder-Suicide Attempt

Updated: Monday, April 15 2013, 08:28 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- The victim in a suspected murder-suicide attempt called 911 to report a fight with her boyfriend approximately an hour before the man allegedly killed her.

Police responded to the OSU campus-area home early Monday morning after receiving a call from Leslie Manner concerning an altercation with her boyfriend, Jerry DeLong. Officers left the house after the couple agreed that Delong, 26, would leave the residence, according to investigators.

DeLong left the home, but approximately 40 minutes after the initial incident, a neighbor called 911 to report a woman's screams coming from the house. When police returned to the scene, they found Manner, 39, stabbed to death, and DeLong bleeding from a cut to the neck.

DeLong is being treated at a local hospital, and is expected to be charged with murder.

Manner's mother told ABC 6/FOX 28 her daughter was pursuing a second degree from OSU, and never mentioned any problems with DeLong, whom she had been dating for approximately a year.


Reporter: Carol Luper
Web Producer: Ken HinesWoman Dead, Man Hospitalized in Suspected Murder-Suicide Attempt

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