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West Muskingum Schools Receive 3 Threats in 3 Days

Updated: Friday, April 19 2013, 09:34 PM EDT
ZANESVILLE -- A student has confessed to posting a threatening letter inside a high school, but police are still trying to determine who sent two additional threats through the mail to a nearby middle school.

West Muskingum administrators said the letter posted in the high school on Friday included threats of violence directed toward specific teens. The responsible student confessed to writing the letter under questioning on Friday afternoon.

Unlike the high school threat, however, administrators and police have had little luck identifying the person or people responsible for mailing two letters received via mail that included threats of violence against eight middle school students.

"We are continuing to work on the few leads that we have," Sheriff Matt Lutz said. "We can't really discuss much of that at this point. There really wasn't a whole lot to go off of."

Investigators believe the two letters mailed to the middle school are unrelated to the threat posted inside the high school.

Sheriff Lutz suspects students may be involved in the middle school threats, and believes there's a chance the true goal of those responsible had nothing to do with violence.

"One of the ideas would be that there was just a student or two students, trying to get out of school for a day."


Reporter: Tom Bosco
Web Producer: Ken HinesWest Muskingum Schools Receive 3 Threats in 3 Days

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