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Weather Delays Bike Path Improvements

Updated: Wednesday, April 17 2013, 08:27 PM EDT
COLUMBUS - Now that the warmer weather is here, people are itching to get outside.

But weather like today not only messes with that- it's also interfering with work on two new stretches of the Columbus bike path. All this rainy weather is giving the project a flat.

"We built a causeway in order to build our two piers in order to cross the (Scioto) river," said ODOT Inspector Tony Harrison. "But as you can see we're underwater. We've been flooded out since last Friday."

A pile of steel pipes lies nearby.  They're drilled several feet down into the river bed to form the base of the bridge across the river. The plan is to fill them with concrete, but right now they're filled with water, debris and river sludge.  All that has to be removed before the project can continue.  

Harrison says he knew there would be problems building in the river.

"But not to the extent that we're having," said Harrison. "The people up north at the (Griggs) Dam let the water out and it gets us down here. And it continually floods us out.  We've been flooded out about six times."

A mile up the road, along Dublin Road, the work continues. We found city inspectors looking over the dirt path along the river that will one day offer riders a serene view of the water.

On the north side of Dublin Road, just east of 5th Avenue, crews continue to clear a path - not for four wheeled vehicles, but the two wheeled kind.

Harrison says right now the river part of the project is about a month behind schedule. But crews will  make up the lost time by working longer hours and Saturdays, so it opens on time in October.


Reporter: Terri Sullivan
Web Producer: Kellie HannaWeather Delays Bike Path Improvements

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