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WASTE WATCH: 100 Year Old Boiler Law

Updated: Thursday, March 7 2013, 12:18 PM EST
COLUMBUS -- The use and operation of industrial-sized boilers is heavily regulated in Ohio. Many industry insiders and state lawmakers say the 100-year-old law leads to a waste of money.

In Ohio, boilers with more than 30-horsepower and larger than 360 square feet must have a licensed steam engineer or licensed operator on duty 24/7. State Representative Kristina Roegner says it’s a silly waste of money, "A company will buy a $25,000 boiler and end up spending $60,000 a year on labor."

That is why she introduced House Bill 12 to change the law that was enacted before the Titanic sank and when Ohioan William Howard Taft was president.

Rick Nickerson, executive with Energy Control says, “Instead of buying one big boiler that requires a boiler operator, we have customers that will put in six, eight, ten, twelve boilers. In the industry we call it an Ohio Special Boiler."
Ohio Specials were made specially because of the Ohio law. They are 358 square feet, small enough that they do not need an operator.

Meanwhile the operator’s union disagrees with changing the law. Scott Hammond, President of Boilermakers Local 105, says, "The language in House Bill 12 disregards training and safety. Non-licensed individuals would be a risky proposition."


Reporter: Mike Kallmeyer
Web Producer: Kellie HannaWASTE WATCH: 100 Year Old Boiler Law

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