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Thieves Target Lady Down on Her Luck

Updated: Sunday, April 14 2013, 10:23 AM EDT

COLUMBUS – Thieves targeted an elderly woman that’s been through unimaginable tragedy.

Margaret Mosely said someone snatched her purse and car keys at a dollar store off Cleveland Avenue earlier this week.  She’s just hoping to get her stuff back.

“The decent thing to for them to do is at least bring back my ID and my food stamps and my keys,” Mosely said.  “(They can) throw them in my yard.”

She said she lost $800 that was supposed to go to her rent.

“They left me in a bad place,” she said.  “I have no food, no way of getting any food and no money because they took it all.”

The tragedies she’s been through are far more painful though.  Her 24 year-old great niece Brittanie Pederson drowned in a quarry in West Columbus in September.  Police said she was cliff-diving with some friends.

Then less than two weeks later, Pederson’s mother was killed in a crash.  Police said Cheryl Chapman over-corrected and hit an off-duty police officer head on.  She died instantly.

“We’re still not over it,” Mosely said.  “We’re still going through crying spells and heartbreak spells and spells of depression.”

Then it gets even worse.  Her nephew Russell Bell was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

She’s suffered through three tragedies.  Now she’s hoping her luck will turn around and these thieves will do the right thing.

Reporter: Ben Garbarek

Thieves Target Lady Down on Her Luck

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