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Teachers Attend Gun Training in Ohio

Updated: Thursday, March 28 2013, 08:13 PM EDT
ADAMS COUNTY -- Two dozen educators have gone through the first tactical gun training program for teachers in the country.

The three day program was offered by Buckeye Firearms during the ABC6 town hall on guns and school safety.

Buckeye Firearms spent $30,000 to send 24 out of 1400 applicants the Tactical Defense Institute in Adams county.

"You can not put a price on our kids lives.  Training 24 out of 1400 is not a success it's not the last class this is the first class," said Buckeye Firearms Jim Irvine.

The 24 Ohio educators ranged from people involved in maintenance at schools to longtime and substitute teachers and administrators.

"We're not trying to apprehend anybody it is last resort it is you or nothing else," said Anthony Head who is a Dayton area high school culinary and adult education teacher.

All the teachers are concealed carry permit holders. 

But the training takes them to a new level beyond simply firing a gun.

The teachers have to think fast on their feet during heart-pounding scenarios where they pretend to be protecting children from a gunman in school libraries, classrooms and hallways.
"I think the training makes the difference they'd be uncomfortable with me walking around with a gun the training is everything," said Head.

The instructors were impressed with how the teachers handled themselves under high stress situations.

"They had no idea what was going to go on in each one so they had to react in real time based on their training to what was going on and solve the problem," said Chris Wallace with Tactical Defense Institute.

Buckeye Firearms plans to hold fundraisers to send more teachers through the training.

It is also working to come up with a curriculum for other states.


Reporter: Tara Morgan
Web Producer: Kellie HannaTeachers Attend Gun Training in Ohio

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