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SPECIAL REPORT: The Witness Test

Updated: Thursday, May 2 2013, 10:12 AM EDT
COLUMBUS (Steve Levine) -- Eyewitnesses play a huge role in catching a criminal.

Witness accounts helped nab Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, and crowd cell phone and surveillance photos put the spotlight on the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects.

ABC 6 put a class of criminology students at Columbus State to the test, to see if they made the grade when it comes to identifying a bad guy, and to make sure you know what to do if you came face to face with a crook.

While the majority of class was able to remember our “suspect” was wearing a black ball cap and hoodie, they were all over the place when it came to his height, weight, and facial descriptions.

“That’s what we typically see, when we get descriptions, people see different pieces of information,” said Former F.B.I agent Harry Trombitas.

Trombitas recommends if you see a crime in action; check out the suspect from top to bottom, starting with facial features, height, and weight.  Then pay close attention to the clothing.  Here’s a hint: Most people tend to forget what kind of pants and shoes a crook is wearing.

“Pants and shoes good things to focus on,” said Trombitas, “I have yet to see a naked robber run down the street.”SPECIAL REPORT: The Witness Test

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