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Same Sex Couples Hoping For Marriage

Updated: Tuesday, April 9 2013, 08:55 AM EDT

COLUMBUS -- ABC6 is hosting a town hall debate on the issue of whether same sex couples should be allowed to get married.

The first same sex couple in Ohio to get a civil union is in Columbus. 

Karen and Dorrie Andermills had a civil union ceremony in Vermont back in 2000 on the first day it became legal in that state. 

"Frankly, we were there the first day because we thought it would disappear," Karen Andermills said. 

Ohio still does not recognize civil unions or marriages between same sex couples.

They later got married in Canada when that country legalized marriages between gay couples.

They carry their papers showing their civil union and marriage in the trunk of their car, just in case they need to prove their relationship during an emergency.

"If something were to happen to either one of us, we're legally responsible for each other," she said.  "But not in the State of Ohio.  In the State of Ohio, we're just good friends."

Legalizing marriages for same sex couples would be a dream come true for the Andermills.

"We fantasize about having a ceremony that our family and our friends could be at," Dorrie Andermills said.

We want you to be a part of the discussion and be a part of the audience at our town hall debate.

It'll start at 7pm on Thursday, April 11th at the Ohio Union at the Ohio State University.

Same Sex Couples Hoping For Marriage

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