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Remembering Man Murdered at Front Door

Updated: Friday, March 8 2013, 11:19 PM EST

COLUMBUS -- Friends and family remembered Larry Sigman, the man shot and killed after answering a knock at his front door. 

His loved ones held a candlelit vigil for him in front of his house on Eakin Road in South Columbus.

"He spoiled me," said his widow Gaylene Sigman.  "Now I got to do it all on my own and it's going to be rough and hard because there's not a day where I can see my husband."

His family said they can't imagine why someone would shoot him.  They say he was a father figure for many kids in the neighborhood.

Now his family wants to know who's responsible.

"I just want someone, a witness, (to) come out," she said.  "Tell the police department who done this to him."

Remembering Man Murdered at Front Door

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