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Prowler Terrorizes Families in E Columbus

Updated: Tuesday, February 19 2013, 11:45 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- An east side family says a peeping tom has made nightly appearances at their home for the past month and each time, he gets more and more daring.

"It's pretty frightening," Amy Dalfous said.

Dalfous has been staying with her best friend, Ladonna Alexander since this prowler started coming around.

"I saw him staring at me through the window and I just looked away and said, 'Ladonna, he's here again."

What started as a man peering in her windows, Alexander says he's become more and more persistent.

"He's here every night," she said.

This east side prowler has gone as far as tap on the windows, even turn the doorknob. Ladonna's daughter, Michaela had a very close encounter:

"I was washing dishes and he slapped the window in front of me so hard, I thought he broke it," she said.

Columbus investigators say they've received a number of similar reports in the Linwood neighborhood, all of them following the same M.O.

Dalfous and Alexander consider him to be terrorizing them and their families.

"When you realize someone is doing this every night or two to three times a night, you wonder what else they're capable of," Dalfous said.

According to the Franklin County sex offender registry, 18 sex offenders live within a half mile radius of their home. Police say it's just a matter of time before they catch this prowler in the act.

Reporter: Shawn Kline
Prowler Terrorizes Families in E Columbus

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