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Possible Changes for Cardinal Health

Updated: Friday, March 22 2013, 08:56 AM EDT
DUBLIN -- Businesses in Dublin are bracing for a possible change at Cardinal Health.

One of Central Ohio's largest private employers lost it's contract with it's second biggest customer, Walgreens.

The $22 million contract represents about 20 percent of the company's business and will end in August.

Another contract with CVS is also negotiating with Cardinal on a contract that ends in June.

Cardinal Health declined an interview but issued this statement Thursday.  "We remain focused on the more than 29 thousand retail and hospital pharmacies we serve across the country. Walgreen's will also be a customer through August 2013. As we transition, we hope to redeploy as many employees as possible to the tremendous growth opportunities we have across the company. As we finalize our plans, we will share that information with them on as timely basis as possible, particularly if there are changes that affect our employees directly." -- Jon Giacomin, President Pharmaceutical Distribution

Cardinal has not said if it will lay off any of the 4,100 workers in Dublin or the 30,000 employees nationwide.

The City of Dublin said it is talking with Cardinal but has no estimate yet on any potential financial impact that could be ahead.


Reporter: LuAnn Stoia
Web Producer: Kellie HannaPossible Changes for Cardinal Health

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