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Policing Internet Cafes

Updated: Wednesday, April 17 2013, 12:23 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (AP) -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine plans to brief police officers on ways to investigate and prosecute illegal gambling at storefront gambling-like operations known as Internet cafes.
DeWine has long been a critic of the businesses' operations and their lack of regulation in the state. He plans to explain to officers at Wednesday's briefing how his office can help them with such investigations.
An appeals court in Cleveland upheld the gambling convictions of three Internet cafes last month.
The cafes' status has been the subject of intense lobbying in Columbus, with the Ohio House voting last month to approve a crackdown on the operations.
Backers of the cafes say they are legal and help the economy.


Web Producer: Kellie HannaPolicing Internet Cafes

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