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Police Search for Dublin Prowler

Updated: Saturday, February 16 2013, 06:55 PM EST

DUBLIN--Columbus Police are looking for a creeper who was last seen outside of a woman's bedroom window.

Around midnight Thursday, a Dublin woman and her boyfriend saw a man's silhouette behind their bedroom blinds. Their apartment is across the street from Riverside Elementary School.

The woman shared her story with ABC 6/ FOX 28, but for privacy reasons decided to not show her face on camera.

While checking her mail that evening, she said she saw a man wearing a hoodie and shorts jogging nearby. When he saw her, he stopped and started walking the other way. She thought that was strange. Later that night, her boyfriend saw a man's shaddow wearing the same outfit just inches from their blinds.

"We could see his profile--so he had to be right there," the woman said.

The couple called police. The woman's boyfriend tried to run after the peeper, but couldn't see his face. The property manager told the tenants it's not the first time they've heard about this.

"She said that he liked women who were under the age of 30 who were brunette."

The couple just hopes the man is caught.

"Everybody is really frustrated," the woman said. "This whole community has dealt with this for so long that everybody just wants him caught. Someone needs to see his face."


Reporter: Jen French

Police Search for Dublin Prowler

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