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Police Looking for Hit and Run Driver

Updated: Thursday, March 7 2013, 01:15 AM EST

CHILLICOTHE -- Police are looking for a driver that hit and nearly killed a man in Chillicothe Tuesday evening.

Andy Johnson is in intensive care at OSU Medical Center.  Police say he was chasing after a dog when he was hit by a car in front of his house on Adams Avenue.

"I went out, my son is laying there in the middle of the street," said his mother Christina McFann.  "He's got blood everywhere.  His head is busted open."

Johnson has already had one emergency surgery where doctors removed part of his colon.  He will have a second surgery to fix his broken pelvis on Thursday.

"It's just hard seeing him laying up there," she said.  "He's got a neck brace on.  He's got road rash everywhere.  I mean it's bad."

Witnesses say an older model white Oldsmobile sped down the street, hit Johnson and kept going.

Neighbors say cars speed down Adams Avenue all the time.

"It's just crazy," said neighbor JoAnne Throck Morton, "The cars (fly) down here so fast.  You've been here a couple minutes and you've seen a few fly."

Johnson's friend is now offering a reward for help tracking down the hit and run driver.

"It really hurts," McFann said.  "I know (the driver) will get what's coming to them.  The cops will get them."

Police Looking for Hit and Run Driver

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