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Pink Signs for Marion Residents Behind on Trash Bills

Updated: Friday, April 26 2013, 01:36 AM EDT
MARION -- Homeowners who find themselves behind on their trash bill may also find  pink signs in their front yard on garbage pickup day.

Marion city officials are posting pink signs in the yards of homeowners who go a year without paying trash bills, as well as those who owe the city more than $200 in pickup fees.

The policy -- which is made possible due to the public nature of utility bills -- is unpopular with some Marion residents because of the potential embarrassment felt by those whose financial issues are highlighted in pink for their neighbors to see.

"They should be discrete about it," said one Marion woman who asked not to be identified after removing a pink sign from her yard.

Marion Director of Public Service Jay Shoup told ABC 6/FOX 28 that city officials have attempted to collect trash debts using less public methods, but have found that the signs lead to the best results.

"We've tried notices and polite letters and phone calls," Shoup said. "We found that about half the people that have a pink sign in their yard come in and pay almost immediately."

Those who fail to pay their trash bills after receiving pink signs could be forced to appear in court.


Web Producer: Ken HinesPink Signs for Marion Residents Behind on Trash Bills

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