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Phantom 911 Calls Come from Circleville Woman's Apt.

Updated: Tuesday, February 12 2013, 08:34 PM EST
CIRCLEVILLE -- 911 calls from no one had police officers knocking on a central Ohio woman's door at all hours of the day.

Lisa Deredita has always worried she would one day hear bad news about her kids from the police.

"If they're out running around and doing what they do and a police officer knocks on my door, my heart just stops," she said.

The officers were showing up because 911 calls were coming from her apartment -- even though no one was calling for help.

Deredita canceled her land-line telephone service months ago. The calls were not coming from her cell phone.

She said she called 1-800 numbers for local phone companies, but "They told me there was nothing they could do because we don't have a land line contract with them."

Records show police have responded to Deredita's home seven times since November.

Chief Harold Gray said the department gets several phantom phone calls a week, but rarely so many from one address.

He said they respond in each case to be sure no one needs help.

ABC 6 On Your Side visited the Frontier Communications technicians in town. They explained that even if a customer cancels service, their line can still call 911.

A technician visited Deredita's apartment about 30 minutes after our visit to kill the line.


Reporter: Dana Jay
Web Producer: Ken HinesPhantom 911 Calls Come from Circleville Woman's Apt.

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