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OYS: Bad Contractor Follow Up

Updated: Wednesday, March 27 2013, 08:28 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- New dirt tonight on a dirty-dealing unlicensed contractor ABC 6 Investigators first exposed last week.
Chief Investigator Tom Sussi says Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is interested in Glen Goddard, owner of Bee Improvements.
According to police reports, Goddard forged a couple’s signatures on two five-thousand dollar checks Goddard was supposed to get once the job was finished.
Casey and Ben Chapman hired Goddard’s company last December to finish their basement. The couple put down $3,000. They say Goddard helped himself to the other $10,000.
The Chapmans say Goddard’s company did a little drywall and electrical work, and then walked off the job. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office told Sussi it’s investigating Goddard, and has lots of questions about those two checks Goddard’s accused of forging and cashing.
The sheriff’s office isn’t the only one interested in this shady unlicensed contractor. Last week, the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office sued Goddard and his company Bee Improvements. The allegations? Goddard cheated seven customers out of $100,000 on jobs he either didn’t finish or didn’t bother to start.
ABC 6 Investigators has plenty of questions for Goddard too but the smooth-talking hustler is hiding.
If you have any information about Glen Goddard, please contact ABC 6 Investigator Tom Sussi at


Chief Investigator: Tom Sussi
Web Producer: Kellie HannaOYS: Bad Contractor Follow Up

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