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Open Container Bill Proposed in Ohio Legislature

Updated: Friday, April 26 2013, 07:38 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- Ohio lawmakers are pushing a bill that would exempt certain areas in the state's largest cities from existing open container laws.

The legislation would allow people in designated entertainment districts of Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo to carry alcoholic beverages as they walked outdoors.

In order to take advantage of the proposed law, drinkers would have to purchase alcohol within the designated districts, which would be limited to a half-square mile.

Democratic State Senator Eric Kearney said the bill would provide additional revenue to local economies, an idea echoed by some Columbus business owners.

"A lot more people are out, a lot more people are taking a walk,” Steak Escape owner and manager Meghal Shah said. ”With the open container as well, hey let's grab a seat, a sandwich, and have some fun."


Reporter: Jen French
Web Producer: Ken HinesOpen Container Bill Proposed in Ohio Legislature

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