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NE Columbus Clerk Assaulted During Robbery Attempt

Updated: Monday, April 8 2013, 07:20 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- A sales clerk says he'll continue to report to work after being repeatedly punched in the face while attempting to stop a shoplifter from leaving a NE Columbus store.

Amanat Ali told ABC 6/FOX 28 the suspect tried to leave the Westerville Road IGA with two 12-packs of Natural Light beer on Sunday. Ali said the situation quickly became violent when he confronted the would-be thief.

“He don't want to say anything, he just punch me. He start punching me for no reason,” said Ali, who managed to prevent the suspect from leaving the store with the beer. “He didn't get anything. The beer is all over the floor. I pick it up from the floor and I bring it inside.”

It was the second attempted theft at the IGA in the last two weeks, according to Ali, who says the crimes haven't led him to consider quitting his job.

“Even if it’s scary, I can't stay at home. I still have to work, I still have to bring the food for kids,” he said.

Police are studying the store's security tapes as part of the investigation into the assault.


Reporter: Ashley Yore
Web Producer: Ken HinesNE Columbus Clerk Assaulted During Robbery Attempt

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