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More Arraignments in Beating Death

Updated: Tuesday, April 2 2013, 12:39 PM EDT
UPDATE: (10:30 am 4-2-13)  Angel Haines and Daniel Harris are in front of a judge for arraignment.

The judge set a $500,000 bail amount and said they could attend Brittany Jeffers funeral.

Shia and Preston (step siblings) will be in court April 15th at 3pm for a detention hearing.


CIRCLEVILLE -- Four more people have been charged in connection with a fight that led to the death of a Circleville mother.

Brittany Jeffers, 21, died from severe head injuries after she jumped into the fight to help her step-sister. Now, that sister, 18-year-old Angel Haines and Brittany's uncle Daniel Harris are charged with aggravated rioting.   Brittany's step-sister and brother, both juveniles, were also taken into custody.

Late last week, two other adults, 37-year-old Nicole Leasure and 20-year-old Cameron Eby, and two juveniles were also taken into custody for rioting charges. Leaguer and Eby's bail is set at $500,000.

Brittany's mother, Emily Harvey says she knew the recent arrests of Haines and Harris were coming and spoke to them beforehand.

"We are going to get justice and you guys will be in there a couple days," Harvey said. "But it was a bad time to come and arrest them. They could have at least waited until after the funeral."

Circleville police say a fight broke out between Brittany's family and one nearby after a report of an alleged attempted burglary. Several people were involved and Jeffers' family says Brittany jumped in to protect her step-sister, Haines, but the other people involved turned their attention to Brittany. Witnesses say at one point Brittany was thrown to the ground and hit in the head repeatedly. She later died at the hospital.

No charges have been filed in her death. But those may come after an autopsy is complete.

The weekend after her death, friends, family and community members marched for Brittany and a stop to the violence. In front of her mother's house, a memorial full of flowers, well-wishes and prayers for the family. Brittany was a mother to two young children.  And Harvey says the reality of growing up without their mom is starting to sink in.

"All he says is mummy's sleeping and she's an angel and she's coming back," said Harvey. "She'll be back."

Brittany Jeffers' funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 11 at Wellman Funeral Home. The family says it will be open to the public.
Reporter: Adam AaroMore Arraignments in Beating Death

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