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Meteorite Explodes over Russia; Asteroid Buzzes Earth

Updated: Saturday, February 16 2013, 10:20 AM EST
DELAWARE -- Central Ohio sky watchers had a lot to talk about Friday, as a meteorite exploded over the Ural Region of Russia just hours before an asteroid buzzed the Earth.

The fireball caused by the meteorite's explosion injured hundreds of people. Alarms sounded,  frames collapsed, and windows shattered as a result of the explosion, which caused many Russians to believe the country was under attack.

Tom Burns, director of Delaware's Perkins Observatory, told ABC 6/FOX 28 the damage done in Russia was due to shock waves sent through the air by the meteor's explosion.

Burns said such injuries and damage is rare because most meteorite-explosions take place over water or other unpopulated areas.

"There are about a trillion particles that hit the Earth every day," Burns said. "Most are not bigger than a speck of dust."

Burns said the last time a meteorite hit Ohio was in 1948, when the rock fell into a field and killed a cow.

Scientists say the asteroid ,which came within 17,000 miles of Earth Friday, was not related to the meteorite that exploded above Russia.


Reporter: Lu Ann Stoia
Web Producer: Ken HinesMeteorite Explodes over Russia; Asteroid Buzzes Earth

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