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Mansfield Firefighter Finds Purse Stolen in 2001

Updated: Monday, April 1 2013, 01:32 AM EDT
MANSFIELD -- More than twelve years ago, Dorothy Yoha’s purse was stolen. She never thought she’d see it again until a firefighter happened to find it while picking up trash.

Mansfield firefighter Cory Volz enjoys an afternoon outside.

"I run and bike a lot around the area, so I usually see a lot of trash laying on the side of the road," Volz said.

While out, gets rid of the garbage. A week ago he stumbled upon something odd. Under the brush, he found a weather-beaten purse. Inside was a woman’s wallet and expired driver’s license. After turning it in to the sheriff’s office, he learned it was stolen in 2001 and belonged to 84-year-old Dorothy Yoha.

"We thought the purse was long gone. 13 years--you don't even think about it anymore," Mike Yoha said, Dorothy’s son.

Though there was no money inside, Volz was just glad he could reunite Dorothy with her belongings.

"If I lost my wallet and 10 years later somebody found it... I know it'd drive me nuts until somebody found it again," Volz said. "It made me feel neat to give her closure."


Reporter: Jen French
Web Producer: Derek DrakeMansfield Firefighter Finds Purse Stolen in 2001

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