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Man Arrested For Inducing Panic and Unlawfully Carrying Firearm

Updated: Monday, April 1 2013, 05:26 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- Police are calling this case disturbing because they say this man is clearly mentally ill but was legally buying guns.

William Gerkin faced a judge Monday morning after police say he claimed this weekend that he's second in command to God and he was instructed to kill demons and satanists.

Police arrested him early Saturday after they say he tried to carry out that plan in line at the Hilliard BMV.

He said he spotted a satanist.

Police say Gerkin pulled a gun from his waistband but the victim was able to get away safely.

According to an email the detective wrote about this case, she said, "we narrorly escaped tragedy and it's only a matter of time before he shoots someone.

Police say Gerkin has been in and out of mental institutions about 40 times. 

The judge set a half million dollar bail amount and ordered him to hand over all of his guns.


Web Producer: Kellie Hanna


COLUMBUS -- A Hilliard man has been arrested after Columbus Police said he induced panic and displayed a handgun in front of a crowd outside of an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Office.

Officers said the man showed up outside of the BMV office in the 5000 block of Westpointe Plaza Drive just before 8:00 AM Saturday. The man approached several people who were outside in line before opening hours.

Investigators said the suspect was staring at witnesses and making them feel uncomfortable when one of them asked him, “Do I know you?” That’s when police said the suspect circled a car and showed a handgun.  Police said he was babbling about Satan. Officers think he might suffer from a mental illness. 

The man left the scene and shortly after was found in Hilliard near Heritage Club Road. Only ABC 6/FOX 28 was there when the suspect was arrested.

Police have not released the name of the gunman at this time. Authorities said he did not have a CCW license and will also face charges for unlawfully carrying a firearm.


Reporter: Jen FrenchMan Arrested For Inducing Panic and Unlawfully Carrying Firearm

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