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Man Accused of Abducting, Raping 12-year-old Given $500,000 Bond

Updated: Saturday, April 13 2013, 06:51 PM EDT

COLUMBUS—A man accused of forcing a 12-year-old girl into his car, then raping her, was arraigned Saturday morning.

Though he tried to hide his face in court, Theresa Knowles recognizes 54-year-old Vent Hairston.

"He was supposed to be a brother in my church. That's how I met him,” Knowles said.

Vent Hairston is accused of forcing a 12-year-old into his vehicle last week, driving her to his northside home in the 3000 block of Thoraway Drive, feeding her and making her watch pornography before he raped her.

When he was done, detectives say Hairston let the girl call her mother. When she was found, investigators say she had signs of abuse. DNA samples matched Hairston.

Knowles and Hairston no longer attend the same church. She said it’s been a few years since she’s seen him, but told ABC 6/FOX 28 that she’s not surprised this happened.

"Children are honest. They're open. They'll tell you,” Knowles said.

Hairston declined a jailhouse interview with ABC 6/ FOX 28. He was given a $500,000 bond and is still in custody as of Saturday evening.


Reporter: Jen French

Man Accused of Abducting, Raping 12-year-old Given $500,000 Bond

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