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Mail Carriers Rally Outside Statehouse To Keep Saturday Service

Updated: Monday, March 25 2013, 07:53 AM EDT

COLUMBUS —The US Postmaster General has plans to cut Saturday mail deliveries nationwide, which could mean fewer jobs in Ohio.

Mail carriers from all over Central Ohio gathered outside of the statehouse Sunday afternoon, rallying to save Saturday service.

"I deliver to over 800 houses,” Randy Hartman said, Delaware mail carrier.

Charles Rose has been a mail carrier in Athens for 25 years, but he doesn’t just deliver.

"I detected 16 natural gas leaks--two of which were very serious,” Rose said. "I left a message with the mail that day when I smelt the odor."

Rose has been recognized by the State of Ohio for his efforts. Now, Rose and his colleagues are asking Congress to keep them on the payroll and put a stop to the Postmaster General’s plans to cut mail deliveries.

"It doesn't make good business sense,” Todd Hornyak said, National Association of Letter Carriers Buckeye chapter president.

They’re worried this budget cutting deal could seal their fates.


Reporter: Jen French

Mail Carriers Rally Outside Statehouse To Keep Saturday Service

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