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Local Runner Gives FBI Videos She Took During Boston Marathon

Updated: Wednesday, April 17 2013, 11:20 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- The FBI is pouring over thousands of amateur pictures and videos taken during the Boston marathon including some from a local runner.

Laurie Marbaugh recorded videos during the race as she was about to cross the finish line.

When she got to Boston's Logan Airport days later, the FBI noticed Marbaugh was one of the runners and asked for any pictures or videos from before the bombings.

"We got those to them and hopefully there's something you see on there beforehand," said Brock Marbaugh, Laurie's husband.

OSU Law Professor Ric Simmons says the images are important.  But the most critical piece of evidence is something the investigators may not have just yet.

"They're going to find fragments of items that were used in the bombing and that might trace to a certain store but what they need is human intelligence somebody who heard somebody talking who heard someone doing something suspicious beforehand," said Simmons.

Marbaugh took the videos for keepsakes because she didn't know if she would qualify again for the Boston marathon and wanted to remember each moment.

Her husband says while she is still shaken by Monday's bombings she would run it again if she could.


Reporter: Tara Morgan
Local Runner Gives FBI Videos She Took During Boston Marathon

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