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Local Airport Control Towers Shutting Down

Updated: Friday, March 22 2013, 11:51 PM EDT

COLUMBUS -- The air traffic control towers at both Bolton Field and The Ohio State University Airport will soon be empty.

There are some concerns this could affect safety.

"It really depends if the pilots are following proper procedures," said pilot Eric Howlett.  "If you have a lot of traffic coming and going and you're in a pattern where there's no tower, it can be a little more sticky.  You really have to be on your game.  It could case some tight spots."

Pilots will have to use radios to decide for themselves when it's safe to land or take off, but they say that's something they're trained to do.

The budget cuts are a result of the sequester put into place by Congress.  The FAA has to cut more than $600 million from its budget.  In all, nearly 150 towers across the country will be closed.

The Ohio State University will pay to keep its tower open for a few extra months.

Managers at Bolton Field say five people will be out of a job and half a dozen companies will likely move their business to another airport with a control tower.

Local Airport Control Towers Shutting Down

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