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Lively Discussion During ABC6 Town Hall on Same-Sex Marriage

Updated: Friday, April 12 2013, 12:12 AM EDT
COLUMBUS -- The same-sex marriage debate heats up as people share thoughts on the controversial issue.

Dozens packed the ABC6 Town Hall on same-sex marriage at the OSU Union Thursday night.

With support on the rise in the United States for marriage equality,
four panelists tackled the tough topic before a lively audience both in
studio and on social media.

"This is a constitutional crisis. It's not about protecting churches but Christians," said one audience member.

One big question: is same-sex marriage a civil rights or religious issue?

"Everyone in this room has the right to marry the fact is if you want to
marry you're a woman you marry a man," said Pastor Greg Davis with
Southwest Baptist Church.

One panelist said the answer is both.

"You have  right to perform a marriage but so should another church who
says a couple of same gender who have the right," said Ian James with
Freedom Ohio.

While one panelist said Americans are free to interpret the
constitution, another disagreed saying that's not how it was intended.


Reporter: Tara Morgan
Lively Discussion During ABC6 Town Hall on Same-Sex Marriage

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