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Landlord Attacked in NE Columbus

Updated: Tuesday, March 26 2013, 07:34 PM EDT
COLUMBUS - A northeast side neighbor says she may be blind but she's not giving a blind eye to crime in her neighborhood.

Jasen Barker faced a judge Monday for robbery four months after Rebecca Russell heard a woman crying for help from her Howey Road home. 

Russell cannot see but alerted her husband who grabbed his gun and went outside to investigate.

Bob Russell told ABC 6/FOX 28, "(I) did not expect what I saw. He had her around the throat."

Police say Russell saw Barker choking a homeowner down the street right after Barker had posed as a potential renter.

Police say he lured the victim to her garage saying he had seen a hole in the roof.

The victim stayed outside the garage to keep a safe distance from Barker but police say he pulled her inside by the throat.

"Apparently he had choked her so hard around the jugular that she was actually bleeding from the nose and eyes," said Russell.

Police say Russell's intervention caused Barker to run off but not before dropping his cell phone. Police say that's how they came up with the identity of the attacker.

A judge set Barker's bond at $100,000 for robbery.

Rebecca says she's getting too much credit for their response while telling her husband, "You're the hero. You are because you saved her."


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Kellie HannaLandlord Attacked in NE Columbus

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