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Ivy League Students Caught in "Dumb" Crime

Updated: Thursday, March 21 2013, 08:47 AM EDT

COLUMBUS -- Some Ivy League students got caught doing a pretty dumb crime.

Columbus Police say four students claiming to be from Cornell University were caught going door-to-door trying to break into houses off 16th Avenue near Ohio State.

Break-in victims say these burglars didn't go after laptops and other electronics that were there for the taking.  These students just stole cans of Natural Light beer.

"Luckily it was only a case of beer they ended up taking," said break-in victim Scott Feldmiller.  Look for some higher quality beer here.  Really?  Natty is the best you can do?"

The four students were arrested after breaking into a second home.

Luckily this story has a happy ending.  One of the victims says a police officer came by with the stolen beer.

"(A) cop came in with a brown paper bag and a bottle of Skyy (vodka)," said John Mercurio.  "He said, 'here's your belongings back'."

Justice was served in a silver can.

The victims say they've learned their lesson.

"We'll probably buy Milwaukee's Best because nobody will want to take that," he said.

One of the students arrested faces several burglary charges.  The others have all been charged with complicity.


Reporter: Ben Garbarek

Ivy League Students Caught in "Dumb" Crime

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