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Illegal Dump Being Cleaned Up

Updated: Thursday, March 14 2013, 08:03 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- Crews are chipping away at the biggest illegal mountain of trash in South Columbus on Stimmel Road.

The bill to haul away and clean up this pile of trash is costing taxpayer more than $230,000.

There is so much trash in this area that crews will be working about a month to truck it all out.

The clean up effort is a partnership between state and county agencies, along with private businesses.

Grants and donations are also helping to cover some of the costs.

This dump site started as a temporary site for construction debris several years ago but has become an illegal haven for routing garbage.

Public health officials say it's also a breeding ground for mosquitoes, rodents, and possibly disease.

Richard Fintak pleaded guilty back in April of 2012 and was sentenced to 3 years in prison but was paroled after 5 months. 

Some of this waste will be recycled and the rest will go to a legal landfill.


Web Producer: Kellie HannaIllegal Dump Being Cleaned Up

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