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ID Theft Blamed for Massive OSU Medical Bill

Updated: Thursday, April 4 2013, 08:40 AM EDT
COLUMBUS – The arrest of a man at OSU Wexner Medical Center this week may have uncovered a five year scam that targeted the medical center along with a victim in South Carolina who has been charged $345,000 in medical bills.

Kenneth Marshall, 41, has been charged with felony identity theft after police say he’s been receiving medical care under the name of Michael Weatherford at OSU since 2006.  They say he filled out medical formed using a Michael Weatherford’s 2006 driver’s license that was stolen in an armed robbery that same year.  ABC6/FOX28 contacted Weatherford who lives in Florence, SC.  He said he started receiving medical bills from OSU every month for year but threw them away since he knew they weren’t his.

"I've never even been in Ohio.  I've never even stayed the night in Ohio," Weatherford said. 
He said an attorney then called him to collect the debt that he did not realize $345,000.  He sent the medical office a copy of his current license to show they were billing the wrong man.

OSU police arrested Marshall Monday when they say he showed up for another medical appointment at Care Point East on Taylor Avenue.. again using Weatherford’s name.  Police say Marshall confessed to receiving Weatherford’s driver’s license when he worked in Indiana six years ago and only used it at medical offices.

ABC6/FOX28 went to Marshall’s address listed on court documents which shows the name “Michael Weatherford” on the mailbox. 

Marshall will face a judge Thursday for the felony charge. 

Representatives with OSU Medical center released this statement Wednesday, “Identity theft is a widespread problem and we do our best to prevent it. It appears we and an individual may have been the victims of an identity thief. We are cooperating fully with police to ensure this case is properly investigated and prosecuted. This is an ongoing investigation by The Ohio State University Police Department.”


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Kellie HannaID Theft Blamed for Massive OSU Medical Bill

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