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Homosexuality Sign in Church's Front Yard

Updated: Wednesday, April 24 2013, 01:06 PM EDT
HUBER HEIGHTS -- Temple Baptist is not hiding behind its beliefs. Church leaders have put it front and center for all the world to see. Their sign says: "Homosexuality: It is a sin that Jesus can forgive,"  It's a sign that has definitely turned some heads.

"I know people, I know friends that are homosexual and it is very offensive and I know that they would go by and see it and especially coming to my home and see that, they're not going to want to come over here," said Jackie Reynolds who just moved next door to Temple Baptist Church.

Now she says she wishes she didn't.

"I drive by it every day to go to and from work and that's the first time I've seen something negative on there.

But some people don't call this sign negative, and think this church is doing what they're supposed to do in making people think.

"All sins are forgivable through Jesus Christ once you're saved," said neighbor Virginia Hall.

"I don't think churches should have the right to say anything about homosexuality because that's a personal preference," said Reynolds.

"I can't say if they are wrong or right. That's up to them and the parishioners that go to the church and how they feel about it and the pastor," said Hall. "They have to answer to God for everything. Everybody does on this Earth and it's up to them and their conscience between them and their God."

We did leave messages with the pastor of the church but he hasn't gotten back with us.


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Web Producer: Kellie HannaHomosexuality Sign in Church's Front Yard

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