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Homeless People Kicked Out of Woods

Updated: Tuesday, January 29 2013, 11:42 PM EST

COLUMBUS -- A group of people living in a small, wooded area off McKinley Road in West Columbus are trying to find a new place to live.

That's because they came back to find that bulldozers took out most of the trees hiding their tent city.

"Now I don't have anywhere to stay," said Roger Monk, one of about half a dozen people that live there.  "What am I supposed to do?  Live on the street?"

Many of these people have been living there for years.

"We're just peaceful people," Monk said.  "We don't bother nobody.  We don't do nothing.  We just try to live here in peace."

It's unclear who brought in the bulldozers.  These homeless people have been told they need to be gone by 1 pm Wednesday.

"If they had given us a warning, we could have gotten out of here," he said.  "We don't know where we're going to go.  We have no idea where we're going to go."

Homeless People Kicked Out of Woods

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