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Home Burglar Caught on Tape

Updated: Tuesday, April 2 2013, 06:05 PM EDT
COLUMBUS - Police are praising a new trend in home security for catching a home burglar in the act, leading to his arrest.

Adam Sherry, 23, faced a judge for burglary Tuesday after police say he activated a wildlife motion sensored camera during a burglary in the Hilltop last month.

Police say he picked the home on Binns Boulevard due a computer seen through a bedroom window. They say he walked by the hunting camera, broke a back window and is photographed walking in and out of the home at least four times carrying out electronics,

Police say they were amazed by the quality of the pictures that they were able to enhance, pass out and identify the suspect.

"This is the first time I've seen a wildlife camera used for security reasons," said Det. Dan Skunza who's assigned to the case. "The video was better than anything I've seen on home security systems."

Police arrested Sherry Monday night and say he was wearing the same clothes he was photographed in during the burglary.

The victim says he had a security alarm and installed dead bolts throughout his home. He said he bought the wildlife camera for $100 at a local bulk store in December.


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Kellie HannaHome Burglar Caught on Tape

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