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'Gummies' Seized in UA Drug Bust

Updated: Thursday, March 14 2013, 08:36 AM EDT
UPPER ARLINGTON – Two men are accused of trying to create new and young drug used by manufacturing candies filled with drugs.

Officers arrested Trent Starr, 24, and Charles Stewart, 21, Tuesday after neighbors on Ridgecliff Road called police complaining of a strong chemical odor coming from Starr’s apartment. 

Officers responded and say they found morphine, Xanax, needles and gummy candies along with drug ledges and a drug lab. 

They say Starr was using the tools to liquefy the morphine to turn it into synthetic heroin and then was injecting the candies with Xanax and coating the candies with the drug as well.

Neighbor Robin Thompson saw the bust take place.  “We opened our window and saw four cop cars.  We saw people being frisked and police searching cars,” said Thompson.  She says she pays too much money to live in Upper Arlington to have drug activity taking place next door.  “Me and my boyfriend want to start a family,” she said.  “This should be a good place to live.”

Officers believe the candy component is meant for kids as well.  Police say they’re investigating as to how long Starr and Stewart have been making drugs, how they sold them and who they sold them to.

Both are in court Thursday for first appearances.  


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Kellie Hanna'Gummies' Seized in UA Drug Bust

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