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Good Samaritan Helps Woman Get Rifle Back

Updated: Wednesday, April 24 2013, 06:03 AM EDT

CHILLICOTHE – A woman is getting her stolen assault rifle back after a Good Samaritan steps forward.

Rayanna Rinehart says someone broke into her home last month and stole her Bushmaster AR-15, a gift from her father.

“I was absolutely upset,” Rinehart said.  “I was bawling my eyes out.”

She called police, but she also took matters into her own hands.  She posted a plea for help online.  Luckily for her, Shawn Ely saw the post.

“It was just a curiosity thing,” Ely said.  “We had just bought the AR-15 and we seen the one that had been stolen so I had to check it out.”

He quickly realized the gun he bought to add to his collection was Rinehart’s.

“We figured we’d do the right thing,” he said.  “(We wanted to) make sure it got back to the owner.”

“I jumped up and down and screamed I was so excited,” Rinehart said.

Rinehart has given Ely a reward, although Ely paid more for the gun initially.  Rinehart says she’s grateful her Hail Mary worked.

“When I posted that, I figured it was a long shot,” she said.  “(I hoped) maybe someone would snitch about someone that knew something about it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get it back.”

She hasn’t gotten her gun back yet though.  It’s still in the hands of police while they try to figure out who stole it in the first place.


Reporter: Ben Garbarek

Good Samaritan Helps Woman Get Rifle Back

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