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Firefighter Bitten By Homeowner

Updated: Tuesday, April 16 2013, 08:04 PM EDT
JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP – As firefighters headed into action in Boston.. some local firefighters say they were under attack here.

Jeffrey Maynard faced Franklin County Municipal Court judge Tuesday charged with domestic violence and assault on a township firefighter stationed at 6767 Havens Corners Road.  According to prosecutors, Maynard was driving with his 16 year old daughter when they got into a fight.
"He began calling her names,” said prosecutors. “He called her a whore."

Prosecutors said the teen “dove out” of her father’s truck at a red light and straight to the township fire station.  Surveillance video of the station’s lobby shows the girl run into the first set of unlocked doors and press the intercom to be allowed into the locked area.  In that time, she was also holding the unlocked doors shut so Maynard, a double amputee, could not kick them open.

Firefighters at the station could not see the teen when they answered the intercom but say they knew she was in trouble.

"She said, ‘I'm scared.  He's going to hurt me,’" said Battalion Chief Brad Shull.

Firefighters unlocked the door for the teen but her father was close behind her ad was able to rush in too.  Once inside, firefighters say Maynard pushed his daughter up against the wall.  They separated the two and that’s when they say Maynard started threatening the seven firefighters by saying he would have sex with their families, kill their families and burn down the station.  The firefighters told ABC6/FOX28 that they had to restrain Maynard to the ground which is when he bit one of them on the rib cage.

Prosecutors had asked for a high bond in court saying, “We have concerns about the mental state at this point.”

Maynard is a former U.S. sailor and father of three.  The judge set bond at $20,000 and ordered him to stay on an ankle monitor when released.


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Kellie HannaFirefighter Bitten By Homeowner

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