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Fights Involving Girls Becoming More Common

Updated: Thursday, February 14 2013, 12:21 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- Fights involving teenage girls appear to be a disturbing trend across the country, including central Ohio.

National statistics suggest 1 in 4 girls will get into a serious fight between the ages 12 - 17. 

Central Ohio educators told ABC 6/FOX 28 they are seeing increase in fights at school, as well in the community after school lets out,  and 8 out of 10 involve girls.

Ohio's Department of Mental Health's Valerie Alloy, Ph.D, said our culture needs to emphasize  intolerance of violence against women in order to reverse the growing trend.

"Some girls have a lack of communication skills and a lack of skill in conflict resolution." Alloy said.

The child clinical psychology fellow and former juvenile correctional facility youth services worker said girls need to know they can face criminal charges if they attack another female.

"We like young people to avoid drama that leads to trauma," Alloy said.

Some central Ohio girls and women are turning to boxing as a legal way to deal with the stress and anxiety inherent in everyday life.

"Emotion blocks logic, so we teach them to widen the gap," owner Rob Pilger said. "They can express and empower themselves."

Amateur Kristy Lacey is aware of the rising number of fights involving females, and thinks social media can often fan the flames.

"I think it [has] a lot to do with drama over boyfriends -- people get caught up in that stuff."

Lacey recommends exercise as a safe way for girls to channel their anger.

Alloy said teenage girls need proper guidance to ensure they have the tools to deal with aggression, anger, and stress.

"It needs to be developed in families at home, as well as schools and community."

Click the following links for more information on preventing violence among girls:

Ohio Dept. of Mental Health

American Psychological Association


Reporter: Lu Ann Stoia
Web Producer: Ken HinesFights Involving Girls Becoming More Common

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