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Fighting Back: Columbus Neighborhood Against Gun Crimes

Updated: Sunday, March 17 2013, 01:24 AM EDT
COLUMBUS -- A letter stapled to the side of a convenience store on Mt. Vernon Avenue shakes in the winter breeze.

The letter is only addressed to 'My babies', and speaks to a neighborhood plagued by violence.

"When does it end?" The letter asks.

In less than 24-hours, two men were shot outside the same convenience store. One man, William Moore, dies as a result of his injuries. The other, shot in the leg the next morning, is recovering from his injury.

The letter stapled to the side of that business is not addressed to any specific person but states the killings need to stop; a theme echoed throughout the troubled neighborhood. A woman, neighbors call 'Miss P', authored the letter.

"These aren't drugs or gangs," she said. "These are people with guns, shooting other people for no reason."

Columbus Police are investigating Moore's murder as being "drug-related" but the neighborhood claims to be disconnected with those sworn to protect them.

"Drugs are a serious problem everywhere," Miss P said. "[Moore's murder] was not drug-related, that stems back to a robbery that happened a long time ago."

Less than a day after Moore's murder, another man was shot. Police found him in the same car that was spotted at the previous day's murder scene. Police have not said whether these crimes are related.


Reporter: Shawn Kline
Fighting Back: Columbus Neighborhood Against Gun Crimes

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