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Elderly Man Fights Back Against Would-Be Robber

Updated: Tuesday, April 30 2013, 08:20 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Ken Hines) -- A man utilized his fighting spirit -- and his car horn -- to chase off a would-be robber.

Murray Copeland was walking to his car after picking up food at China King when he was grabbed by a man who had apparently been hiding behind the vehicle's opposite side.

Copleand, 73, said the suspect demanded money, but the senior refused to comply, instead honking his car's horn and screaming for help.

The noise caused the suspect to walk away without any money, but not before Copeland was able to take a good look at his attacker.

Copleand called 911 immediately after the attempted robbery, and police arrested suspect Michael Reime only eight minutes later.Elderly Man Fights Back Against Would-Be Robber

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