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Cop Shoots at Racoon: Hits Woman

Updated: Thursday, March 14 2013, 08:42 AM EDT
PATASKALA — A woman said she’s lucky to be alive and unharmed after a stray bullet hit her. It came from a police officer who was trying to kill a sick raccoon.

While a married couple was working on their new house on Summit Glen Drive Sunday afternoon, their next door neighbor called police to report the sick, possibly rabid, animal. The animal was hit with a 12 gauge shotgun near a drainage ditch, but the bullet ricocheted and went through a bush, a wall, a wooden door, and more drywall before it hit the woman inside.

The woman was unharmed and did not need medical attention. She said she’s lucky and police have been checking on her since the incident. She did not want to be identified by name.

"When I heard the loud noise, I felt the pain in my side,” she said.

According to the mayor, police respond to as many as 150 animal calls in their rural area a year. It’s standard procedure for Pataskala police to take necessary measures to exterminate sick or rabid animals.

After Sunday’s unusual incident, Pataskala Police Chief Bruce Brooks said officer will change the type of ammunition they use when they respond to these calls.


Reporter: Jen French
Web Producer: Kellie HannaCop Shoots at Racoon: Hits Woman

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