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"Collected Water" Washes COTA Busses

Updated: Friday, March 29 2013, 08:13 PM EDT
COLUMBUS—Riding the bus may not just save you fuel, you could also be saving water. COTA has found multiple ways to recycle, including “water collection.”

Anywhere from 180 to 150 buses are housed in the COTA maintenance facility on Fields Avenue.

Every night, each bus is washed. The water that goes down the drain is filtered and reused to clean the next ride.

Water is also collected in a retention pond outside of COTA’s mobility station. It flows to two underground 15,000 gallon tanks before it’s reused for bus washes or COTA facility toilets.

The Fields Avenue maintenance facility is a LEED certified building, outfitted with eco-friendly siding and energy efficient windows.

After bus oil changes, the leftover oil is sold to a distributor who filters the fuel for future use. Any extra oil is saved to heat COTA’s mobility station. COTA spokespeople say recycling the fuel and water saves them thousands of dollars.


Reporter: Jen French
Web Producer: Kellie Hanna"Collected Water" Washes COTA Busses

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