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City Tightens Security Ahead of Marathon

Updated: Friday, May 3 2013, 08:32 PM EDT

COLUMBUS (Maria Durant) -- Organizers for the Capital City Half Marathon are doing everything they can to make Saturday’s race safe and they want to make sure everyone has a good experience.

Cap City Director David Babner says to expect an increase in police presence. There will be more security sweeps and more safety checks for bags that runners and walkers carry.

Babner says, “We’re making them identify their bags with their names, their bib number, and not only their phone number, but a contact phone number.  This way the appropriate agency can contact them.”

1,400 runners and walkers have registered for the race.  

Another safety feature is the flags along the race route. Each flag represents a different race status. The green flag means everything is fine; the race is good to go. A black flag is a signal to stop the race.

Babner says the black flag has never been used, and he doesn’t expect it to be used on Saturday.

City Tightens Security Ahead of Marathon

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