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Chillicothe Police Chief Investigated for Bar Altercation

Updated: Friday, March 22 2013, 07:00 PM EDT
UPDATE:  The mayor of Chillicothe says he is having a special outside person come in and look into this case. 

Until then, the police chief will be taking paid vacation leave.


CHILLICOTHE -- As Mayor Jack Everson launches an investigation, Police Chief Roger Moore continues to go to work despite being the center of the discussion.

Witnesses say Moore was involved in an early morning scuffle with citizens outside a Chillicothe establishment on Saturday. Several people recorded the incident on their cell phones.

While the video is dark and indistinguishable, witnesses say the argument between Chief Moore and another patron can clearly be heard:

"I will [expletive] you up right here..."

"This is the chief of police?"

"Don't you ever [expletive] put your [expletive] hands on me again."

A public records request turned up a pair of 911 calls made from the Cozy Inn Bar & Grill in the early morning hours on Saturday. 

However, there is very little written documentation on the incident. It is only described as a "disturbance" in the call log.

"Hey I'm down here drinking at the Cozy Inn bar," a 911 caller said on tape. "You got your chief of police down here man, about to get into a fist fight with somebody."

It's unclear whether punches were ever thrown but this isn't Moore's first run-in with the public. Last year, a woman was cited for disorderly conduct after giving the chief "the middle finger."

A judge later tossed that case in the garbage.

This latest incident is unsettling to many who feel Chillicothe's public workers should be held to a high standard of integrity.

"With his image in the town, he shouldn't have even been there in the first place," one witness said.

Mayor Jack Everson is personally investigating this incident and may report his findings to the Civil Service Commission who may then decide any disciplinary actions.

Reporters: Carol Luper & Shawn KlineChillicothe Police Chief Investigated for Bar Altercation

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