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Chillicothe Mayor Speaks Out About Police Chief

Updated: Friday, April 12 2013, 12:20 AM EDT

The mayor of Chillicothe is speaking out about his investigation into the city’s police chief.

Chief Roger Moore was recorded in a cell phone video getting into a heated argument at the Cozy Inn bar.  Moore takes off his shirt and starts swearing at another man.  The police were eventually called and Moore left in his truck.

Mayor Jack Everson launched an investigation into the incident.  This week he announced he was putting a written reprimand in Moore’s file, but not suspending or firing him.

“He wasn’t drunk,” Everson said.  “There were no laws broken so I can’t discipline him for a policy that doesn’t exist.”

The mayor is putting into place a new policy for all city workers while they’re off the clock in response to this incident. 

“Nobody is above the law,” he said.  “Not (Chief Moore), not me, not a secretary that works for the city, not a city crew worker.”

That policy is now in effect.

The mayor is also launching a new investigation into whether someone may have tampered with Moore’s file after it was discovered there was nothing in there from the last ten years.


Reporter: Ben Garbarek

Chillicothe Mayor Speaks Out About Police Chief

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